Linn County TRIAD is dedicated to promoting older adult safety through community education. We offer free presentations to groups, organizations & companies on a variety of topics.

Presentation Topics

Learn what documents you should have prepared to help you maintain control at the end of life.

Basic Legal Planning Tip Sheet

Gain the knowledge & confidence to protect yourself against potential construction fraud.

 Construction & Repair Fraud Tip Sheet

Gain insight on the latest and most common schemes targeting older adults. Plus learn how to protect yourself and you loved ones from becoming a victim.

 Schemes & Scams Tip Sheet

Learn to protect your personal information online and reduce the risk of digital fraud.

 Digital Theft Tip Sheet

Learn how to identify hazards, and  how to develop & maintain an emergency preparedness plan.

 Disaster Survival Tip Sheet

Discussion of the various types of abuse; how to recognize them; and where to seek help and protection.

 Identifying Elder Abuse Tip Sheet

Reduce the risk of injuries from falls by learning what changes you can make to your environment.

 Fall Prevention Tip Sheet

Financial exploitation is a fast-growing form of abuse of seniors and adults with disabilities. This presentation outlines the types of financial exploitation as well as provides signs of suspicious behavior to be aware of.

 Financial Exploitation Tip Sheet

Learn how to reduce the risk of fire in your home and prevent injury in the event of a fire.

 Fire Prevention Tip Sheet

Learn about the assistive devices & technology that can improve your everyday life. Assistive Technology for Better Living gadgets make life easier for all people including those with disabilities.

Gadgets Tip Sheet

 Resources for Gadgets

Learn about the assistive devices & technology that can improve your quality of life at home.

Home Medical Tip Sheet

Learn how you can prevent common accidents and how to secure your home to protect against intrusion.

Home Safety Tip Sheet

Learn how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. Plus identify ways to secure your personal savings and avoid fraudulent offers.

 Identity Theft Tip Sheet

Gain better understanding the investment & insurance markets and operations. Plus learn tips to follow when investing or purchasing insurance.

 Investment & Insurance Fraud Tip Sheet

Learn common healthcare frauds including:
– Recognizing fraudulent Medicare cards
– Identifying inappropriate/illegal charges for healthcare & prescription services

Plus discussion of the Medicare Drug Benefit and how it can help pay your prescription drug costs.

 Medicare Fraud Tip Sheet

1 in 5 adults visit the emergency room at least once each year. Are you prepared to face an unexpected personal emergency? Learn what steps you should take now to prepare yourself and your loved ones.

Personal Emergency Planning Tip Sheet

Learn about the many ways an older citizen could be hurt by a criminal, and steps to take to maintain personal safety.

 Personal Safety Tip Sheet

Almost 30% of ER visits due to adverse drug events were seen in elderly patients*. This presentation is designed to help you learn how to reduce the risk of adverse drug events.

This presentation is conducted by a local pharmacist.

You & Your Medication Tip Sheet

*Journal of the American Medical Association

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